Our Vision

The best model for investing in Youth to serve their country and carry the torch into the future.

Our Mission

We invest in Youth’s Energy, our most valuable resource, by nurturing their character, developing the environment that surrounds and shapes them, and maximizing their participation.

Values & Norms
Passion for Excellence

We strive to be the best at what we do and execute with excellence to deliver impact. Our team will have an uncompromising focus on excellence through all of our initiatives, programs and facilities.

Forward Looking Inclusivity & Bold

We are restless and curious. We stay informed and keep ahead of the curve. To drive government innovation, we challenge the status quo, actively seek novel and more effective approaches, and are prepared to take smart, calculated risks.


We apply inclusion systemically, using an evidence-based framework, and commit adequate resources to support and monitor inclusion of Youth across all Emirates.

Crowdsourcing Culture

We believe that every young person in the country is part of our team - we rely on a crowdsourcing approach to multiply impact.

Government Enterpreneurship

We’ve established a flexible and unconventional environment that incubates and welcomes ideas and projects and enables them to grow.

By Youth, for Youth

From conception to implementation, we are proud to be an entity that works for youth and that is also led by youth. In short, “Done by Youth”.

Strategic Objectives
Nurture Character

Shaping and nourishing Emirati Youth Character through instilling values and national pride, raising awareness, and equipping them with capabilities and competencies

Values & Service

Instill in Youth the values of the late Sheikh Zayed and a strong sense of national belonging

Capabilities & Competencies

Provide access to skill-building and continuous learning opportunities to all UAE Youth

Creativity, Innovation and Talent

Develop the creative and innovative potential of Youth and enable the expression of their unique talents

Awareness & Information

Enable Youth to grow into well-rounded and informed citizens through awareness-raising programs and access to information

Cultivate Enviroment

Creating a conducive, world class ecosystem that enables and accelerates positive youth outcomes

Youth Hubs

Develop, renovate and activate state of the art, multi-purpose Youth Hubs in Every Emirate

Youth Spaces

Design, build and provide Youth with purpose-built spaces that enable positive youth outcomes


Develop, curate and roll out a set of enablers to catalyze positive youth outcomes and behaviors

Maximize Participation

Activating and maximizing Youth’s meaningful participation and contribution in local, national, regional and international platforms

Engagement channels

Create and expand direct channels for youth to sustainably engage with government and leaders

Participation structures

Develop and mainstream formal youth participation structures to involve youth in decision making across all sectors

Service and co-creation

Enable Youth to serve the nation through channeling their energy to drive, design and co-create projects that advance the UAE’s vision and national priorities


Activate the role of Emirati Youth globally and enhance their meaningful participation on international platforms