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Apply for Youth Councils membership
Apply for Youth Councils membership and give voice to young people at the national level. Become a partner in achieving the National Youth Agenda.
Bring your talents to bear in the service of entities that will invite you to take part in the decision making process in support of the UAE vision to become the first in all domains.
Identify the stories of our heroes in the National Service
“Fakhr” is a national initiative and a societal campaign in which we all take part to serve our cherished country and express our gratitude to National Service conscripts. It is a
youth initiative aiming to turn our pride of sacrifice and giving for our homeland into an identity for UAE youth.

The feeling of pride is the basis of Fakhr Initiative. Young people take pride in their country and leadership, and their country and leadership take pride in them. Find out the stories
of our young heroes and the role models in the National Service.
Identify government basics of knowledge to develop your daily life skills
In addition to the UAE Government’s constant endeavor to enhance young people’s role in all fields, the Government
also seeks to raise their awareness about the major challenges which they may face at the moment. Through the initiative, channels of communication are established between
young people and government entities to learn more about their way of work.

The Youth 101 Initiatives seeks to raise the national awareness of Emirati youth by collecting information and data related to the major issues and sectors in which they are interested, such as human sciences, foreign policies and international relations.

Youth will identify knowledge basics, creating a generation of leaders capable of continuing progress and development in the UAE.
Using 3D printers for free to develop your engineering models
Youth Hubs include departments, creative spaces and workshops dedicated to devising various models, and provide young people with the latest devices and technologies that
help them work and innovate, such as 3D printers.
Display your artwork in Youth Hubs spaces across the country
Youth Hubs embrace young people’s creations and allow them to take part in, interact and harness their full potential in a modern, creative environment which focuses on
building strong youth communities. Facilities in Youth Hubs feature creative spaces designed in a way that contributes to building youth communities, while tapping into their capabilities and investing in their passion.
Receive a professional certificate from Emirates Youth Professional School
Emirates Youth Professional School is one of the Federal Youth Authority’s initiatives, aiming to bridge the skills gap between
young people in educational institutions and the labor market. The School provides young people with free advanced professional studies in various sectors, through crowd-sourcing of teachers and recruiting experts and professionals in the UAE to provide a unique executive educational experience for Emirati youth. The School also gives young people the opportunity to enroll in professional courses and executive programs which hone their skills, provide them with continuing education, prepare them for the job market, and become professionals in their areas of interest.
Start your professional training at Youth Hubs or at the Federal Youth Authority’s premises
The program gives participants the opportunity to get professional training, gain experience, and join the labor market. The Federal Youth Authority identifies a
number of unique opportunities and helps young people get the promising opportunities they look for.
Design a logo for any national initiative
Tap into your skills and talents in various national projects across all sectors. If you like design, join in designing a logo for one of our national initiatives.
Listen to the advice and experiences of the UAE’s role models
The 100 Mentors Program is one of the initiatives launched by the Federal Youth Authority. The program aims to create a generation of champions in all fields by establishing direct channels with mentors who have experience and achievements in their fields. One hundred persons with notable competencies and experiences have been selected to
become youth mentors, hone their skills and develop their experiences in various fields. Mentors will support young people to build their capabilities, and diversify and develop their skills continuously.

The program follows the group mentoring model through orientation sessions for young people across the Emirates throughout the year. In these sessions, young people hone
their skills and are inspired to become champions. The program includes 100 sessions with 100 mentors.
Take advantage of the summer period to obtain training certificates from Emirates Youth Summer Academy
Emirates Youth Summer Academy includes a set of workshops, competitions, programs and courses specialized in developing skills, knowledge and hobbies in various cultural, scientific, professional and entertainment fields. The Academy develops youth experience and guides them to modern sciences and knowledge. The Summer Academy is also considered an incubator for young people’s ideas, encouraging them to be better givers.
Use free computers, programming and design applications at free technical labs
Volunteer in the Federal Youth Authority’s initiatives
A platform that enables Emirati youth to benefit from all opportunities by volunteering in the initiatives launched by the Federal Youth Authority
Join UAE youth in the activities and events of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Arab League
An initiative that enhances the role which UAE youth play globally to achieve leadership, and create a good reputation and bond with other youth from all over the world. The initiative helps youth spread values of the UAE and transfer their experience to the world. It also highlights the leadership spirit espoused by the UAE youth, their identity and the UAE policies of youth empowerment.
Contribute to promoting the Arab research activity, publish your academic research, and get AED 1000
The Arab Youth Research Platform is considered a unique resource for disseminating Arab youth research results. It concentrates their capabilities to support the scientific content
published in the Arab world, sharing science and knowledge on a wider scale, improving the quality of research, promoting good research, and supporting the research activity in various parts of the Arab world, as well as their availability and accessibility. It also seeks to link Arab youth research with experts and decision-makers across the relevant sectors, thus contributing to the implementation of research outputs, at least in part, by turning them from the research framework into execution. 
Sign up for young leader preparation program and improve your personal skills
The program aims to draw up a strategy and build an entity capable of adapting to the new changes.
Enjoy video games or hobby practice in youth hubs spaces
Open your own restaurant or cafe at a youth hub
Prepare for your next job interview by consulting an HR expert
A platform that contributes to building, strengthening and developing youth expertise and competencies by providing a government interactive platform that brings together HR specialists and experts both in the government and private sector with Emirati job seekers. The platform provides qualification, training and guidance service on successful job interview procedures.
Take part in UN meetings and represent the UAE
The Emirates Young Delegates Program to the United Nations was first launched in 2016 by the Emirates Youth Council in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation through the permanent mission of the UAE to the United Nations.

Two young Emiratis are selected to join the program through an online form submitted by the youth. In the event the form is accepted, the young man or woman will have an interview before the final selection.
Book free meeting hall at the Youth Hubs